About Me 


Marilyn has occupied pulpits with exuberance and relatability, both in the United States and various other countries, through preaching, teaching, and music in ladies seminars, community revivals, camp meetings, prayer conferences, leadership seminars, and various other gatherings on international, state, district, regional and local levels.  She also has been a "trail blazer" by being the first woman appointed to the Church of God USA Missions Board in the state of Florida.

"Manna For Today" is a newsletter that she issues each month.  More recently she has written handbooks to encourage the body on topics of "Chosen? Help and direction towards achieving your calling (for Women), "The Gifts of the Spirit and Their Proper Use", and "Altar Workers Do's and Don'ts."  

She has been blessed to see the manifestation of the miracle working power of God with deaf ears being opened, cancer disappearing, arthritic joints being loosed, emotions that have been damaged from the past being healed, paralytics walking again, and many other wonderful things that only the power of God can do.  There have been many saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit along with the Gifts of the Spirit operating in a way that changes lives forever through words of encouragement and more.